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The World of Corporate Venturing 2016

The World of Corporate Venturing 2016 is the second annual publication of a reference source that will change the face of the corporate venturing community by giving you invaluable industry data for benchmarking and analysis.

This report contains data on deals and industry trends, broken down sector by sector to make it easy for you to compare and contrast your performance, by both sector and geography.

World CV Cover
Data for this report is based on the responses provided by more than 100 leading industry participants worldwide, to a proprietary survey conducted and analysed by the editors of Global Corporate Venturing.

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  What This Report Contains:

• Current and historical trends • IRR and returns data
• Financial stock outperformance with examples • Process, and which services are held internally and which are outsourced
• Exit Activity • Deal terms
• Reason for investment (Strategic / financial) • Compensation trends by J. Thelander
• Top performers globally, and who partners most • Deal activity tables, profiles and features by sector:
• Number of deals    ○  IT, Telecoms, Energy, Healthcare
• Value of deals/capital raised    ○  Natural Resources & Industrials, Media
• Number of companies in portfolio    ○  Transport & Logistics, Financial
• Reporting lines    ○  Consumer, Services

  How You Can Use This Report:

• Competitive analysis by sector and geography, for informed decision-making
• Analyse 2015 data to plan ahead as a company
• Get a top-level view of the industry with a detailed analysis of CV and a Q&A with a chief executive who has started a CV program
• Have answers to questions about the industry, and be in the best position to justify your unit's existence


All companies with a subscription to Global Corporate Venturing
receive one complimentary copy of this report.
          • 1 copy - US$750       • 10 copies / $2,995
Contact us for special rates on bulk orders of 50 or 100 copies:
Tim Lafferty | +44 (7792) 137 133 |

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