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Corporate Venturing 101

Global Corporate Venturing has published Corporate Venturing 101, a practical guide to setting up and running a corporate venturing unit.

Subjects covered include: 

  • The Global Corporate Venturing Survey 2017
  • The state of corporate venturing: moon shots vs CVC funds
  • Optionality for the future or the value of a venturing unit
  • How experienced corporate venturers manage informal relationships with VC funds
  • General Electric: an evolving approach to corporate venturing
  • Board observer versus board member
  • How fund structure impacts performance
  • Profile: Merck
  • Corporations walk tightrope in buying portfolio companies
  • Venturing and innovation: does failure tolerance matter?
  • Moving beyond investment
  • Corporate innovation partnering - the unknown frontier
  • Corporate venturing units leading Moneyball investments
  • DataTribe: a startup crucible

Who is it For?

  • Companies considering getting into corporate venturing. Understand the different structures you could adopt, how to set realistic and measurable objectives and learn how other successful companies do it.
  • Individuals who are new to corporate venturing and want an "all you need to know about CV" introduction. Perhaps you have new people on your team who would benefit.
  • Seasoned veterans looking for an update on the landscape, best practices in other companies and the latest thinking from leading corporate venturers, academics and advisors including Mark Radcliffe at law firm DLA Piper, Martin Haemmig at Cetim, Paul Asel at Nokia Growth Partners and Paul Morris of UK Trade & Investment.
  • Firms with clients or prospects in the corporate venturing space. Learn who's doing it, how and why so that you can have informed conversations with them.

This 45-page pdf 'how to' guide is priced at $750.  

Or, even better, subscribe to Global Corporate Venturing and we'll send you the guide for FREE! A basic subscription license is $1,995 for 12 months and gives up to two staff access to www.globalcorporateventuring.com, the monthly magazine sent as a pdf, weekly news ezines and invitations/discounts to events. For more information on subscriptions or to subscribe click here or contact Tim Lafferty tlafferty@globalcorporateventuring.com,  +44 7792 137 133. 


How To Order Your Copy

Email tlafferty@globalcorporateventuring.com, call +44 7792 137 133, or click on the button below.


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