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Global Corporate Venturing Leadership Society Subscription Licences

GCV Leadership Society Membership Benefits:

GCVI Professional Society membership provides brand exposure, business networking, access to information, avenues to data, and discounts on community resources. It sets the highest standards and provides the talent pool of professionals for the industry to build on.

Additionally, the GCV Leadership Society through the umbrella or sub-groups will catalyse dialogues on behalf of the industry on topics such as deal flow, investment models, partnership approaches, innovation excellence, intellectual property, and CV unit development to venture capital firms, entrepreneurs, angels, government and universities through their trade bodies.

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For more information please contact Tim Lafferty by phone: +44 1483 720295 or by email:


NDA club and industry partners

GCV Industry Partner (Firm)

A person who is primarily provides a service to the GCVI unit. This category includes legal service firms, accounting firms, IP management firms, consulting firms, and banking firms which provide and/or sells products and services to the CV&I industry. This classification of membership is not limited to the groups listed but membership approval is required from the board looking for quality contribution rather than solely promotion of services.

Membership Dues: The two available categories for Industry Partners are $5,000 annually for the Standard package or $15,000 for the Advanced

Other (Government/University) Industry Professional

A person who is employed by another venture intermediary organization, such as government agency or public university, to plan and/or oversee the strategic and financial management and/or logistics of that government/university partnerships.

Packages are available for teams and/or to include access to sister sites Global Government Venturing and Global University Venturing - please contact Tim Lafferty for details